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The information on this website has been designed by students and teachers, with helpfrom our supporting organisations.  We initially designed this for students, but realised that teachers spent hundreds of individual hours trawling through information so they can facilitate this information to their student.  As a consequence we have designed this website so a teacher can go to a particular subject page and have enough information on that subject to be able to facilitate to the students in their class.

Each page has five areas for the teacher to draw upon:

1.  A page heading and quote accompanied by a brief film to explain the generic nature of the subject.

2.  Role playing scenario's, this is a clever software programme designed by Skilitix a NZ based company.  This software allows us to re-create the very real environments that students face in the 21st century.  We are initially creating generic scenario's, and in the future we will create a variety of scenario's from the point of view of different people, such as teachers, parents, vicitims, bullies, bystanders, police and many more.

3.  This section is short informative films from different people and organisations on this subject.

4.  This section is designed to facilitate learning in the classroom with the innovative Enhanced Video Annotation software from ETV

5.  This section is a direct link to organisations that may be of use to you.  In some cases we have directed you to the main website, and in other cases we have directed you to the page that we think is most helpful for you.

The information contained within each page is designed to help you as a resource tool, not tell you how to teach or what you should teach.  The teachers involved in the creation of this information have said that teachers are smart enough to understand the subject and as a resource can facilitate this to their students.

This is a live website and as student environment elvolve so will we




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